Saturday 31 August 2013

“Creativity is a currency that’ll never depreciate”

An interview with Nikolay TikhomirovInterviewed by Sreemanti Sengupta

Nikolay Tikhomirov, Moscow based photographer

Enter the website of Moscow based photographer Nikolay Tikhomirov, and you are attacked by three haunting words – Art Inside Me..Later in conversation with The Odd Magazine the young and exceptional artist speaks on his osmotic relationship with art and his disturbing yet strangely relaxing work – zero gravity, where women float oblivious to their surroundings which are mundane, ordinary and in sharp contrast to their startlingly air borne posture. Snippets of the chat are below.

Why photography?
It wasn’t a conscious choice, rather an accident, and an evolution from a technology engineer. What drives me is my diversity and openness and the sense of beauty everywhere.

Any influences?
Music, I think. The rhythm thrills me. It matches with the rhythm of the heart. It runs through everything. Just like beauty. The unification is magnanimous. Creativity that emanates from life is the only currency that’ll never depreciate.

Tell us about Zero Gravity. How was it conceived?
The shooting process is very spontaneous…the museum walls..the warm in the air..everything plants a picture in my brain..which is then given shape in reality. Zero Gravity is a concept. It shows weightlessness, a freedom from earthly burdens..a message to people that it is possible to take it easy and float..that we really do not see all the opportunities in daily life and hence give up. This is a challenge, to defy the gravity of life.

What’s your life’s motto?
Do not join the rat’s race. Leave your burdens behind and feet firmly on the ground!

The Odd Magazine thanks Nikolay Tikhomirov for sparing time for the chat and wishes him future success!